Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hommelet is done waiting around

After Hommelet was invaded by frog cultists, the village elders asked a group of adventurers, militia members, and soldiers from the tower to take a trip to the moathouse and destroy the marauders.  The group from Hommelet did not find frog cultists, but they did find a band of common brigands, who met them rather more tactical intelligence than the frog cultists might have exhibited.  Indeed, the Hommeleteers even began a retreat and if the brigands, carried away by hubris, had not pursued them, they would have lived to see several more days of briganding.  But the brigands did pursue, and outside of the blackguards dark bunker, the valor of the men of Hommelet (and the chutzpah of that one weird lady-priest) shone through and the forces of law and goodness carried the day.
The haunted prison of La Mola by B℮n
The haunted prison of La Mola, a photo by B℮n on Flickr.
The forces of law and goodness beat a hasty retreat back to Hommelet, those with minor wounds giving support and encouragement to those barely hanging onto life. Which is to say they didn't get to do any looting . . . and there are others in Hommelet who think this might be the perfect opportunity to make sure those brigands didn't leave anything behind.

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