Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tunnels! Trolls!

Tunnels & Trolls Ad by B_Zedan
Tunnels & Trolls Ad, a photo by B_Zedan on Flickr.

Last night, we finished a three-session game of T&T. My character, Miłosz, a human wizard, sat out the most dangerous bits, but he did help make some really good soup. And he helped fight the orcs with a dancing skeleton. (Animate dead at first level! "Dead" singular, btw.).

Compared to D&D, there's a lot of unavoidable book-keeping because XP is delivered in little morsels and then converted into incrmeental point-buys. Combat is more honestly abstract as the hit and damage rolls are replaced with one roll and there's no initiative turn-taking. I'd like to be able to incorporate this into D&D-- mainly the sense in combat that everything is happening at once.

Last night's finale was very good. We were holed up in a little shed, fighting off waves of orcs, and then during a lull made a break for it and floated off down the river. (Now I've got a cold!)

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