Friday, June 15, 2012

NDT 23 Play Report: Finale

Wulfric did not accompany the party in their last foray into the Hutakaan temple.


Well . . .

Wulfric: "It feels like I've lived and died about nine times since I set out from Threshold with a group of lowlanders who said they wanted to see for themselves the Foamfire Falls. So I took em and I showed em and then they said they wanted to go up in them mountains and as there was more gold ahead of me and an army of beastmen behind, I agreed and I took them into the mountains and all the way to where I am now with these fox-head people and no-neck people fighting over some rocks and old stones and walking dead walking all around.

"The no-neck people said they were Trals and that crazy priest he believed them and the rest of the group went along. And then the no-necks asked us to go inside the old temple and we did because we thought there was treasure. And there was treasure so we went back in looking for more. We found the place where the fox-heads store their dead and then we went under and we wandered in the dark and I didn't ask why and no one asked me if I saw any sense in wandering around in the dark with nothing to see but the dead and the walking dead and why should they ask for the opinion of a fool who takes a group of lowlanders to see the Foamfire Falls for a promise of ten gold.

"But I made my opinion plain enough when we were waylaid by some horrible green and slimey thing from out of Grandpa's handkercheif, and me and the no-necks who were with us we decided we'd rather try to make our own way. We didn't run far before we noticed we were just tripping in the dark, so we took a strategic position and we waited until sure enough one of those lowlanders came round the corner with one of those glowing rocks and saying it was ok, the nameless snot horror was dead. The lowlanders were tired and I didn't think less of them for that. They found a tunnel that led to the service and we wandered back to where the no-necks were camped outside the temple.

"The no-necks were agitated something fierce and the reason was the chanting and purple light going on inside the temple. Somehow the fox-heads had got back in. And the no-necks didn't like what they were doing and so they were ready to go in and bust them up and the lowlanders, well of course, they were ready for that kind of thing as well.

"But your Wulfric said to himself, "Do I have any quarrel with the fox-heads? I do not. And have I been promised as much as a flake of gold off the princely treasures the lowlanders posessified from the temple? I have not. Would I enjoy a smoke in the sunlight? I would. And so I watched the lowlanders and the no-necks charge into the temple and, from the outside I heard the cries of the fox-heads-- who seemed to be getting the worst of it and then I heard the bellows of the no-necks who didn't seemed to be getting an altogether good time themselves and then there was a roar of purple light and then a roar of silence, and I decided I should go and find a place to have my smoke because deciding to have a smoke was an easy decision to make and there were some other harder decisions to make coming soon."


  1. This was the final encounter. The party was successful in taking out the "fox-heads," but we never emerged. Some kind of portal opened and I think the DM had some kind of new campaign planned that never got going. We were on a planet with two moons and hold person didn't work. Great module. This account was written from my perspective as a player. Since then I have used bits and pieces in my own campaign.