Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Strathbogie brought the awesome power of forced slumber down on the maurading goblins. We'd recruited a large war party, adding Dusty (experienced adventurer) and Robbo (adapt of the temple of divine purpose) plus 5 wage-earning men-at-arms. Our trip to Mor and to the the Viper Clan's palisade was not without incident (a big rock ate one of the men-at-arms) and as we were arriving, a band of goblins attacked us.

The Viper clansman wanted to rush us into the palisade, but we were at full-strength and could boast some element of surprise. So we held our ground, threw big magic, and shot down the stragglers. One worg got away unfortunately.

Our plan now is to attack the goblins at the tower before they have a chance to organize.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

back to the swamp

cattails by Brayo
cattails, a photo by Brayo on Flickr.

While Mendel the earth-magician was otherwise occupied, Dreyfus, Brigitta, and Strathbogie returned to the place in the swamp where they'd met him-- and at last retrieved the wild centipedes. It went very smoothly, but the pay was meagre.

Perhaps it was in humbling ourselves, that we were prepared to answer the notice posted by the Vipers (one of Mor's orkin clans) recruting warriors to help them rebuff marauding gobbos for the sake of "honner." And Des, the orkin scout, is very charming in his own way. Strathbogie has also been doing some reading in the library and is coming to the conclusion that he has been chosen by the bull god to do great deeds. Reclaiming a part of Mor is likely a part of that.