Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hommelet is starting to wonder if it’s all part of some weird game

Taverne du 10 octobre by Yenna-chan
Taverne du 10 octobre, a photo by Yenna-chan on Flickr.

This time the marauders bypassed the tower of Rufus and Burne and centered their attack on that well-loved tavern and inn at the village crossroads, named (officially) “Wendy’s Inn” in honor of the innkeeper’s daughter. The attack was well-coordinated, with two groups of about half-a-dozen rough and desperate men charging simultaneously from thickets on the north and south sides of the village. The Hommeleteers were caught unawares and the attackers surrounded the Inn, with about half of them gaining entrance to harass, worry, and molest the diverse crowd of travelers and villagers enjoying a drink or their noontides meal. But perhaps the attackers misunderestimated the good folk’s courage and prowess, for no sooner than they enter than they were exited and in considerable disarray both corporate and individually. Those surviving their misadventure were put to flight. Surely, a most wicked, but nonetheless well-devised plan was most poorly executed. Many are wondering, who was behind it?

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