Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Keep on the Borderlands

Yet another nother group has asked me to join their game, and I’ve had a great time going back to the caves of chaos and of course the keep. The experience was very like that of my first game ever-- the wild descent from vague notions of heroism and grandeur into sordid brigandry. Just how far can we stretch our conviction that these are disgusting, depraved, soulless monsters who deserve to be killed without quarter? Pretty far since they’re also trying to kill us. Maybe that’s because we showed up in their home bearing the head of one of their leaders, but now that it’s started, there’s only two ways it can end. Given that our two hirelings are dead, leaving just the three PCs, there may not be reason to say much about my character Pavel. Briefly, he is the self-styled Bishop of the Thicket, and has been living rough for some time. Is he crazy because he’s been a hermit, or did he become a hermit because he’s crazy? (We've been wondering the same thing about someone else. --White Bear) Regardless, the Cleric of Law has plenty of Chaos inside him with which to contend.