Saturday, June 2, 2012

NDT 22 Play Report: Ochre Jelly

There are people, like me, for whom D&D figures as a alternate outlet for their thwarted writerly ambitions. (Was that dependent clause necessary?) But it's likely a mistake-- though a mistake I'll keep on making-- to recount an evening's session and expect it to sound like a passage from a readable novel. We reached the lowest levels beneath the temple and even found the bottom of the flame-encircled pit that dominates the main temple room. Wandering through the maze of rough-hewn tunnels, with Roger directing us-- "East, east, and if we can't go east, go southeast"-- we at last came to a dead end. There was jackal-headed statue. Martin approached, ready to duck behind it when . . . gobs and gobs of gloppy blobs of yellow-brown bloppy goo slip and slobbed out of the statue's mouth and began eating away Martin's flesh! (not a direct quote of the DM) [Crazy stupid right? But it was super-awesome to play and gets better.] Thinking fast, Pavel announced his plan to invoke his gods' power to protect Martin from fire so they could burn off the goo without harming him. Thinking faster, Martin pulled out a magic potion to dissolve himself, his clothes, and his posessions (all temporarily) in a floating cloud of vapor. The thwarted writerly ambitions goo landed on the floor! And then dwarf stepped up and brought out his special bottle, and sprinkled poisonous powder all over the goo and it froze, crystalized and disintegrated!

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