Tuesday, August 2, 2011


stare by Mamluke
stare, a photo by Mamluke on Flickr.

Strathbogie & co. continued to explore the maze of glyphs and pits under the wizard’s tower. The overwhelming message was that we were overlooking the obvious. Case in point: There are two “golem halls”, large rooms dominated by a statue that comes to life when needed to clean up victims of the traps. In each of these rooms, about a dozen spells are inscribed on the walls. With the proper resources, Strathbogie and Brigitta could be copying these into first their own spellbooks and then others, and make for themselves a tidy sum. But shouldn't there be something more?

We’ve also recalled coming upon a few notes scribbled on the flyleaf of an old spellbook. It provides cryptic hints that probably apply to this wizard’s tower. The master liked flowers, healing is available and, in case of capture, “break string.” We do have a necklace with different types of beads on it, including the letters TTJINW(or M).

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