Friday, August 12, 2011

Night's Dark Terror, Part 2

My character, Pavel, missed the first episode, but I'm very glad to play this very well-regarded module. After his sucess in smiting a tribe of hobgoblins into oblivion, Pavel migrated to more civilized lands to the south, committed to protecting his fellow Traldarans and their faith from the corrupting influence of the Thyatians.

And so he found himself on a boat, and that boat attacked by slavers. Pavel prayed and his fellow passengers were victorious. They captured one of the slavers and ordered him to bring him to their camp. The long slog through marsh in a light rain and growing darkness gave Pavel an opportunity to re-affirm his disdain for physical comfort and his dedication to the Law. The slaver's camp was deserted. The slavers, vainly fleeing from the punishment that lives inside them, had abandoned their comrade and left many crude and cowardly devices of the type used for entrapping animals. The captured slaver, confronted by the sudden awareness that he was soon to receive just payment for his career of cruelty, made a desperate attempt to flee-- and perished in one of pits dug by his fellow blackhearts. Sometimes, it seems, the Law has a sense of humor.

Pavel and the others returned to the boat and, the next morning, continued their voyage. They were put ashore at a hut in the forest, from which they would continue on land in the morning. The owner was gone, but having learned that she was a faithful Traldaran, Pavel knew that she would gladly extend hospitality to a man of the Faith and made himself at hom, santicfying her rude home with his prayers. And a few hours later, Pavel would return the favor by preparing her final earthly home, and saying the prayers to send her off to her next one. Roger-- one of the other travelers, discovered her body while fishing off the dock. Strange signs for strange times.

As night fell, the travelers shuttered themselves inside the hut. They refused entry to the bear.

Do Not Stop For Hitchhikers by Brayo
Do Not Stop For Hitchhikers, a photo by Brayo on Flickr.

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