Thursday, July 7, 2011

Siege of Quitokai Part II

Untitled by Flash Parker
Untitled, a photo by Flash Parker on Flickr.

The attacking marauders lost two more wolves, four archers, and eight spearman. Meanwhile, the outnumbered defenders have lost 5 village militia/scouts. Again this was using Songs of Blades and Heroes rules to resolve a "D&D battle." In light of the high casualities for the bad guys, I'm questioning my system for converting D&D stats to SBH stats. But of course, that's usually the way things go in D&D-- all the monsters get killed and one PC gets wounded! It just takes longer.

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  1. Just remember SBH can turn on a dime. You think the battle is all one way and BAM! A bad roll reverses the momentum.