Monday, July 25, 2011

The End of the Black Flower Gang (presumably)

After being stymied in their investigation into the death of Hardtack, the party agreed to a more straightforward endeavor: attack the Black Flower Gang in their new stronghold, an old manor house in the ruins of the city. The manor house, built at least 50 years ago for a foreigner known as Lord Jourdain, had sent empty for decades, until last year when Beatriss and Tetsikichi, while searching for a missing person, had lifted its cursed and killed many of its monstrous inhabitants, allowing more-or-less free access, at least to the aboveground rooms.

The Dirty Rain Gang moved in and claimed right of possession. Immediately they began restoring the old House to serve clients for gambling, drinking, prostitution, and more. They made good money until recently when the Black Flowers showed up one night and forced them out. The survivors of that attack wanted revenge, and Kura, a rising star in the Dirty Rain was eager to lead them.

There were some who knew they were in over their heads, and getting wind of B&T’s history with the Black Flowers, made a persuasive “enemy of my enemy” argument. Beatriss did ask, “But are the Dirty Rain guys really any better?” Tetsukichi, however, liked the idea and won out.

incandesant bulb salutation by Brayo
incandesant bulb salutation, a photo by Brayo on Flickr.

Again, I used SBH rules to conduct the battle. About 30 Dirty Rain guys were committed to the plan, and they divided into three groups, one led by Kura, one led by Tetsukichi, and one led by Mayro (a PC, more on him later.) Beatriss assumed a limited role, protecting the retreat route. Each group had a battering room, and the two groups moved their rams into position while taking limited casualties. Although the Dirty Rain members were easily scattered whenever one of their number fell under the Black Flower’s crossbows, there were enough DRs that they eventually broke down the gates to the house. Once this was achieved, they stole their way into the courtyard one-by-one or in small groups. Instead of targeting them, the BFs trained their crossbows on the leaders and several of them—Tetsukichi, Al-Fitar, and Golfo all looked like they were going to have a bad day and had to crawl to safety among the debris outside the house.

Mayro did make it into the courtyard, and into the house itself; he amassed a large group on the ground floor and planned a mass charge. Finally the Black Flowers, realizing that they would have no choice but to face their attackers in hand-to-hand combat rushed down the stairs. They were tough, and well-practiced at fighting in groups, but they were out-numbered almost 3-to-1, and were slowly, but steadily crushed.

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