Tuesday, May 15, 2012

NDT 20 Play Report: Traldaran National Congress

When Pavel agreed to accompany the party to the Lost Valley, he was not, like the rest of them, looking for treasure. He was looking for a purpose. And now he's found it. A community of Traldarans, separated from the rest of their people and enslaved by the jackal-headed Hutakaans for generations, had recently found the courage to throw off the yoke of oppression. There are obstacles. These Traldarans have never even heard of Halav, Petra, and Zirchev. And it shows. They ride lizards. They originally attacked the party. They use crude weapons. Compared to the tall, slim, well-spoken, and brie-eating Hutakaans, there is something very red-state about these Traldarans. But this is where Pavel comes in. He can teach them about their gods and then together they can stick it to The Man. Or rather, first stick it to the Jackal-Man and then stick it to The Thyatian-Man. The Hutakaans with their honey tongues encouraged the party to come and talk to their high priestess so they could hear the whole story. And Martin, not yet entirely ready to free himself form mental slavery, seemed willing to listen. But Pavel asked these Hutakaans why they couldn't tell the story themselves. Why had they enslaved the Traldarans? The Hutakaans had a good story. They had taught the Traldarans about metal-working, and then they took some of them as slaves. This was what Pavel was waiting for them to say. And it was enough for Roger. He shot one Jackal-head with an arrow. And Pavel hit one wit his flail. Olimarus killed the third. The Traldarans are very stubborn. Even after seeing us kill their oppressors, they seem unsure whom to trust. Pavel is patient.

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