Monday, May 7, 2012

NDT 19 Play Report: The sun has rised the sun has set and we are in the lost valley yet.

Wizard Island II by Brayo
Wizard Island II, a photo by Brayo on Flickr.

The “city” on the other side of the gate turned out to be a small settlement of not more than a couple dozen stone buildings. We followed an ancient road out of that village of passed through a couple others of similar size and construction. All blissfully empty of people. The ancient Traldaran architecture is magnificently durable and well-designed. Except for the carvings of jackal-headed people. Pavel reasons that sometime after the Traldarans left the Lost Valley, some other beings entered to make the weird jackal carvings. Many of them have been restored to their original undecorated form, and Pavel has done some restoration work of his own.
Although they haven’t seen any other people, they have encountered signs of life. After we tossed a light into one of the shrines that stand by the road, the inhabitants— hundred of small green lizards— scurried out, swarmed all over the outside of the building and then rehid themselves in its nooks and crannies. Another shrine was home to evil, fire-breathing dogs. The blast of heat from their furnace-bellies would have killed, cooked, and charred a lesser man, but Pavel stood fast and slew the monster. (With some help.)
After two or three days travel we came to a clear lake surrounded by rocky cliffs and with a small stone house next to it. Again, this seemed to Pavel a good place to spend the rest of his days. If something could be done about the other party members.

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