Friday, June 17, 2011

Salt and Iron

Having driven away the goblins, the heroes got in touch with their inner reavers and cutpurses and started looking for treasure . . .

Strathbogie, Dreyfus, and Rusty found one of the wolves, chewing on what turned out to be "the bucket." In the vicinity, we found a pouch full of iron coins and a few dull white crystals. After licking one of the crystals, Dreyfus pronounced it to be salt. The coins aren't like the one's pictured, but showed a wolf's head from a straight-on "portrait" angle. (For some reason the Romans really seemed to the wolf head in profile.) I found this detail really evocative-- generally gold pieces don't sound like coins to me, but like experience points.

There is also a riddle in the tower (something about a lonely mother), and frescoes of stars and comets, and six secret compartments in the spiral staircases.

While we were messing around with all this, the goblins came back-- they didn't attack us, but instead picked on the nearly defenseless orkin who were out trying to gather food.

Time to slay the heathen! (And lock the war!(?))

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