Friday, June 10, 2011

new digs

Front door by biktopincanada
Front door, a photo by biktopincanada on Flickr.

This was a really great session. After thwarting the goblins' attack on the Viper Clan Compund, we mounted a swift counter-attack. We went into it thinking that after picking off a few easy targets, we'd have to retreat before the main force. Instead the "retreat" was mutual. We dealt with the two wolf-riders on patrol outside, and the successive waves of defenders were badly-organized. We stayed until their leaders called everyone back inside the tower. We had no casualties and returned to the Viper compound with a "prisoner," a charmed goblin named Nebling.

Nebling gave us some details about the goblins forces, and gave us the impression that we had significantly reduced their number, especially the number of wolf-riders-- but that they had associates would be returning soon. We resolved to attack the next day.

Our plan was to split into two groups, with one group distracting and dispatching the wolf-rider guards outside and anyone on top of the tower, while the other group secured the door closed from the outside. Next, we would scale the side of the tower and attack from above, hoping that at least we'd only have to deal with goblins and not wolves, and might even be able to make use of burning oil.

The problem with the plan was that, it didn't prepare for contingencies, even beneficial ones such as the fact that there were no wolf-riders on patrol. The "wolf group" went ahead and scaled the tower while the "door group" had trouble with some pits. Rather than hold the door itself, the "door group" created a nice mess of grasping weeds right in front of the door. The group on top of the tower just held the trap door closed.

The goblins panicked and were routed. Unfortunately, the goblin's shaman escaped, and the dead body of their captain, now doubt laden with treasure, was carried off by a fleeing wolf. But we got a tower in Mor!

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