Thursday, April 28, 2011


what have we here? by Brayo
what have we here?, a photo by Brayo on Flickr.

It started as a wake. For the hirelings who died while we were fighting the Gargoyle. And for Thakko, who loved the ocean (from afar). Some other things happened, and when Strathbogie woke up, he found that he had received a secret mark, that of the Red Bull. (Or Winged Bull? The mark is in a place where it's hard for Strathbogie to see.)

Other news . . .

Ysden's friend Hardtack was found dead in the swamp, and he didn't do it.

Mendel the swamp magician found the body, but he didn't do it either, even though it was just punishment for the man's treatment of Mendel's friends the giant centipedes, and even though it's clear that the killing was done by wild beasts.

When Dreyfus went to the myriadrome he got beer dumped on him and attacked by one of the centipedes. That's strange in a way. Strange as in ha ha.

Brigitta has discovered that when wild honey is mixed with wine, it loses its addictive properties!

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