Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Monastery of the Two-Fold Path

By the time the party entered the Monastery, they numbered seven:
Beatriss with Naron and Golfo, inexperienced warriors
Tetsukichi with his long-time henchman from Zipang, Hatsu
Feng Feng, a “mysterious” warrior with some magical abilities
The party located the secret door and entered the monastery. Somewhat surprisingly, the rooms they explored were badly damaged and populated not by monks and their captives, but by a pack of undead, flesh-eating monsters. The party retreated once, to allow Beatriss and Golfo, who had been temporarily incapacitated by the ghouls, a chance to recover outside the monastery. It was only during their second foray-- after once again passing through badly charred halls with rotten floors, crumbling walls, and collapsed ceiling—that they actually met some monks. These were four men dozing in a stable among the horses in a relatively better kept section of the monastery. The monks were unfriendly, but not directly hostile. They denied the party’s request for shelter for the night and pushed them out the stable door into the night.

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