Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lesserton Play Report: Swamp Justice

"How 'Bout Dem Os!" by Brayo
"How 'Bout Dem Os!" a photo by Brayo on Flickr.

As I mentioned in my “reviews” of the Lesserton and Mor product, Strathbogie did recover his spell book, with interest, and justice, perhaps excessive, was done to the elf who had stolen it. It was a great game, with each of the PCs making an interesting contribution. Strathbogie bought some decent clothes and took a meal at the Platinum Pegasus, the one really fancy place to eat in town. Sure enough, there was an elf staying there. Strathbogie tailed him out, and watched him buy a horse. And he got a good enough look at him to be sure that this was the same elf who’d sold his spell book to the Platonic Order. But as I mentioned in my review, Lesserton is not the kind of place where you can expect much from the authorities. We didn’t consider reporting the theft and even after we knew who the thief was, we knew we’d have to deliver justice on our own. But outright lawlessness is not tolerated inside the city walls. His purchase of a horse told us he was planning to leave soon. So Thakko talked to his friend Hank who owns the stables at the city gate. The elf’s horse was there. Hank had a sense of when the elf was planning to leave town, and he agreed to add something to the horse’s feed so that it had some problems out on the road. Meanwhile, we prepared an ambush. Thakko and Isdn found a place to hide about an hour outside town. Isdn buried bug teeth in the road to serve as caltrops. Strathbogie hung around outside the gate.

Briefly, the plan worked. Not perfectly, but well enough. The elf wasted his charm spell on Strathbogie who would have been nearly useless in combat anyway. Thakko and Isdn were not especially well-hidden but the bug teeth were. We felt a little sorry for the elf’s hired guard who got mixed up in all this. But that's swamp justice for you.

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