Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lesserton Play Report: Swamp Justice II

Critter from Above by Furryscaly
Critter from Above a photo by Furryscaly on Flickr.

Sometimes it’s you who gets justice and sometimes it’s justice that gets you. Strathbogie has never enjoyed the Centipede Races. But he knows it’s part of what makes Lesserton special. And so when Isden found an opportunity to get in with the fine folks who raise the best racers by collecting some young pedes from the swamp, he was honored to be a part of it. And it looked like an easy harmless way to make a living. Trek out to a little island of rock and spindly trees an hour out in the swamp, make the baby centipedes sleep, and then scoop then into sacks. But then things went South. Mommy centipedes showed up. (“The females are always the most vicious.”) The spindly trees and vines and weeds sprang up and pulled us down to the soggy turf.

And then one of the swamp people showed up to give us a lecture about letting wild things stay wild. He made us promise to let the centipedes go. And told us he could tell if he were lying. We agreed. And Strathbogie is trying to figure out how he does that trick of knowing when people are lying.

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