Saturday, January 24, 2015

Like a moth to the flame . . .

After a three-week overland journey, Mapper, Raquelle, Gerrilynn, Chickie, and Wolfgang (plus Wolfie and Bruno) found themselves back in Hommelet. It was dusk and almost immediately they were spotted by off-duty guardsman who recognized Wolfgang as the "One who killed Ponce!" Wolfgang, of course, did not back down from their challenge, but Gerilynn's soothing words and Mapper's coins were enough to keep the group moving toward Burne's tower. They were welcomed with pleasure but little warmth by Burne's sentries and Gerrilynn was suspicious. Mapper, on the other hand, seemed confident that everything was all right, and assured Wolfgang that Burne just wanted his help. Wolfgang himself, emboldened by his successful adventures in Gold Hill, followed the sentry into a small audience chamber. Gerilynn insisted that she be allowed to join him. The sentry did not object. “All you lot, just get in there.”

After a brief wait, the group was introduced to Burne's apprentice Panyus and then to Burne himself. After a few questions, Wolfgang gave Burne the information he had wanted and perhaps even more than he had hoped for, maligning his tutor Jaroo: It was Jaroo who had sent them first to the moathouse. Jaroo sent them to disrupt Burne’s plans. Jaroo told them that they should find a way into the lower levels and take what Burne was looking for. And when he found out guards had been killed, it was Jaroo who sent them into exile to go work for a crazy beekeeper.

Burne was pleased. He suggested to Wolfgang that he might clear his own name by repeating his testimony before the village council.

Wolfgang wavered—he didn’t hate Jaroo that much. 

Burne was willing to compromise—what exactly did they find under the moathouse.

Wolfgang and Gerilynn couldn’t remember. Nothing. Burne urged them to try harder. He gave them some refreshments and asked about their time in Gold Hill. Slowly, Wolfgang and Gerrilynn remembered. They’d found something, but it wasn’t something you could take. There was a room with a pool, and the associate the elf said it was magical.

Burne suggested that they should be able to find that pool again. And take Panyus with them so he could say whether it was magical. It might be dangerous, but if they were successful, he would urge that the council forgive the unfortunate misunderstanding.

They came to some kind of agreement. Mapper accepted a bag of coins.

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