Saturday, April 7, 2012

Play report: The really bad thing about cobras spitting poison in yourface . . .

Blind Warrior by nkimadams
Blind Warrior, a photo by nkimadams on Flickr.

Our party (two fighters, an elf, and a cleric) took refuge for the night in what seemed to be a nice enough place—no beasties, secure doors, and enough room to stretch our limbs a little. But doors secure against other people are not secure against spitting cobras. We had a watch, but we were badly prepared for the surprise intrusion. The potion we’d purchased in town saved the life of Lobo the fighter, but Aberdeen was blinded. (The cobras got all deaded.) Also, although "special pants" are a good defense against cobra spit, rubbing the pants on your already-damaged eyes is inefficacious.

With a mixture of defiance and fatalism, we got up, put on our armor, and delved deeper. Aberdeen accepted his new role as torch bearer and walked with one hand on someone’s shoulder.

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