Tuesday, January 24, 2012

NDT 13: Rescue!

We’ve rescued Stefan! Or, anyway, we found where he was being held-- tied to a chair, in a room with a minotaur where everyone who steps into it becomes invisible. But I think we’ve got him out of there, and so, assuming that he survives the surprise the evil wizard must be preparing for us, then rescuing him will just be a matter of escorting him over the moors back to Rifilian or Threshold or Sukyskin.

The Minotaur, a photo by STEHOUWER AND RECIO on Flickr.

Surely we are a holy scourge of law. Entered the old library with the two giant black widow spiders: zip, zip! Spiders dead. Cut through the cobwebs and up stairs to the back entrance to the tower and encountered the hobgoblin chief and his frost-breathing wolves: full-on magic assault and they’re dead. Then up the tower. Yes, the minotaur made Pavel feel something he hasn’t felt for a long time: pain. But only for a minute. Now let’s go get that wizard!

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