Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mayro in Khanbaliq

One of the consequences of being slightly embarrassed about playing D&D is that you end up playing in small, furtive groups, even one-on-one sometimes. Or oftentimes, since you don’t have to co-ordinate around several people’s schedules and you’re roommates. So here’s what happened in Khanbaliq when I re-connected with an old friend, went to visit him in Florida, and he dug out his old character, Mayro—rolled up close to 20 years ago.

Quick backstory on Mayro: Mayro was a desert nomad, captured by "the empire" and sold as a slave to northern barbarians. Later, he was acquired by a "Persian" merchant, and became the merchant's personal secretary/bodyguard, and spent many years traveling with him until the merchant died in Khanbaliq. Since then, he’s been living hand-to-mouth, as a longtime resident at a poor inn, doing odd jobs and getting occasional jobs as a guard. Meta-game details: Mayro started as a Magic-User, reached 3rd level, then switched to fighter and has reached 3rd level. This is not multi-classing, but dual-classing. Maybe it shouldn’t be allowed, but it’s in the AD&D PHB 1e and 2e.

So then, Mayro became acquainted with other masterless swordsmen who float around the poor inns in the laborers’ district in Khanbaliq. Among these acquaintances is Golfo, who pulled him in on the assault on the Black Flower gang at the House of Joudain.

Following the qualified success of that attack, Golfo shared with Mayro his other schemes for getting rich while making the world a better place.

IMG_8787 by Brayo
IMG_8787, a photo by Brayo on Flickr.

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