Friday, May 13, 2011

Subterranean Love Story (Part I of IV) (A Cynidicean Tale)

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  1. So what is this?
    Around the time I finished college, or more accurately, about the time I started working, I found (1) there were few opportunities for playing D&D and (2) there was this thing called "fiction writing" that was purportedly a more respectable endeavor for grown-ups and intellectuals. My friend, D. Bayne, a musician, suggested that if I wrote some words that could be put to music, he would write said music and try to get it produced. I was really excited about the idea, and so over the next four days, wrote "Subterranean Love Story," which describes an short and unhappy love affair in the undercity of Cynidicea, the "Lost City" of the really really great B4 module by Tom Moldvay. For years, I'd been imagining Cynidicea, and not just Zargon and the three factions trying to oppose him. The everyday Cynidiceans, enveloped in fast-changing fashions of their half-shared dreams, fascinated me, and I was glad for an opportunity to put away the dice and the XP tables and do something concerning a Dog who falls in love with a Rabbit.