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Some people have asked when I'm going to post a photo of Red Bear, the player who plays Kishi, and because the answer is still "soon," meaning "later," I am instead posting this drawing of Kishi-- drawn by Bubu Singe (who plays Gwinch.)

This is Red Bear's first experience playing D&D, and Bubu Singe has provided a lot of guidance. I should be grateful for this and I am-- but at the same it's important to encourage new players to have confidence, to realize the satisfaction of contributing to the story of the game in a meaningful way.

And Kishi-- ahem-- Red Bear has succeeded in this. Bubu Singe like the idea of Red Bear playing a ninja. These are really hard characters to play. Their kewl powers rely heavily on powers of suggestion, and they are thrive on their own rather than as part of a team.

Therefore I told Red Bear that while Kishi was employed by Sato Masako, a powerful samurai, her true masters were-- of course-- her ninja family and her true job was to spy on Sato. And when she joined the rest of the party in a quest for seven swords belonging to the Sato family, her true objective was to recover them for someone else.

Stating at first level among intermediate-level characters, Kishi succeeded even better than she hoped, baiting Sato into a confrontation with his own retainers (the other PCs) that ended badly for him and for his clan. In terms of making a contribution to the shape of the game, I feel happy with the "raw materials" I provided her. On the other hand, I know she's felt lost sometimes, and wonder whether she would have better enjoyed starting with a fighter who could always be in the thick of things.

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