Thursday, October 22, 2009

Report: The Princes' Kingdom / Palace of the Silver Princess

Following previous fun playing The Princes' Kingdom as descibed in my post from a few days ago, I decided to try an experiment, mixing TPK (The Princes' Kingdom!) rules with a favorite D&D module from my own younger days, B3 Palace of the Silver Princess. Additionally, I played with a mixed group of players comprising one human child plus two stuffed animals-- White Bear and Isa.

The human player was very eager for his character to meet and fight monsters. And he was also very cautious about exploring dungeon corridors. Strange smells, the sound of bubbling water, a gust of air that made their torches flicker-- any such phenomenon drew the same response from him: "No, don't go that way." Likewise, he was very particular about walking order-- he was no way going first and he was no way going last. As the game progressed, he revealed that he had a horse. No, make that a god horse, a pegasus. When he went through a door, he got off the horse, went through the door, and then got back on.

We were playing the "green-cover" version. I like the straight-forward "save the princess" objective, especially with kids, and find that the characters themselves can add the variation to make it interesting. But I hope to try the orange-cover version at some point. For those who are curious, it's available at the WotC site . . .

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